Insect/Small Rodent

Our Spectacular Insect Pest Control Services

Insect ControlaNot all insects are the same, and there is a scientific method to removing each different kind of insect infestation. The fine pest exterminator experts at Halliday Pest Control offer a wide variety of insect pest control services.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Hornet Removal

Hornets can be quite dangerous, especially in a home with little ones around. Hornets like to make a nest and hang around for as long as possible, so it is best to check out our professional pest control services to take care of these nasty creatures.

  • Yellow Jacket Control

While bees require special treatment, Yellow Jackets are similar to other hornets and can be taken care of with our insect pest control services.

  • Wasp Exterminator

We get rid of wasps and their nests keeping everyone safe from these stinging nuisances.

  • Flea Removal

Fleas are a pesky insect that spread quickly. Halliday Pest Control will quickly and effectively remove them from your home or business

  • Barrier Treatments

Effective barrier treatments are essential to keeping out insects. Any openings to your home will be exploited by insects, so get our effective insect pest control right away.

  • Crack and Crevice Treatments

Insects enjoy small and dark places in your home. We will use our pest spray and other treatments to effectively stop their breeding and nesting in cracks and crevices.

  • Spider Removal

No matter what Gene Hackman wanted to focus on, the football team in The Replacements knew that spiders were not their friends. Let us remove them from your property today.

  • Scorpion Extermination

Scorpions can cause nasty stings with highly toxic poison. Let our local exterminators get rid of them for you right now.


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What is Included in Small Rodent Removal

Halliday Pest Control focuses our rodent removal service on small rodents so that you get the expertise you need to get the job done. Large rodents and wildlife require a completely different training than mice removal and other small rodents.

Our pest control services are designed to identify and eliminate all of the small rodents you might deal with, some include:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Other Small Rodents

These small rodents can do serious damage to your property and your plant life, as well as spread diseases. Call Halliday Pest Control and get rid of small rodents today.

Efficient and Affordable Pest Control in Cumming, GA

Rat RemovalWhen you choose Halliday Pest Control, you will get the personal and affordable care that you need from an exterminator. Since we focus on every individual pest removal and control job with our full attention, you will get the specific services that you need every time.

The fact that we are a local business allows us to focus on individual jobs and not worry about trying to sell you services that you do not need. This keeps pest control prices lower and everyone is happier.

So give Halliday Pest Control a call today if you need insect pest control or small rodent control service in the Cumming, GA area.